Top 5 Reputable Menu Makers

Designing a menu and setting the price points for it are crucial aspects of opening up a restaurant. You should be familiar with your customer base and present a menu that identifies with your restaurant’s identity. If you don’t have any design experience or a budget to hire a professional, worry not. There are multiple menu makers available online that will do the job for you. From changing the aesthetics to dedicating profit margins, these menu makers come with a large variety of options.


The site allows you to choose from thousands of pre-designed menu templates. The drag and drop feature of the menu maker is quite user-friendly and allows you to customize your design.

Benefits of iMenuPro

  • Storing a large database of dishes to circulate around.
  • 1-click design changes that automatically adjust within the new environment they are placed within.
  • Has a customer base of over 25,000 restaurants.
  • Highlighting high profit margin menu items.
  • Tent cards can be created for special promotions.

The software charges 15$ per month for unlimited access to their resources. You can have a discount of 25% if you want to pay yearly.

Adobe Spark

It’s a web and mobile based app launched by Adobe to provide extraordinary content. With no design skills, you can have a professional menu at your disposal within literally minutes.

Benefits of Adobe Spark

  • Over 1 million restaurant menu designs.
  • 5 simple steps lead to the creation of the menu
  • High quality images that resonate with your restaurant brand available for free.

Adobe Spark is a free-to-use app with no additional charges making it quite convenient for smaller venues.


It’s a one-stop solution for all menu card needs. From designing to printing the actual cards, the company takes responsibility. You can design table tents and promotional offer coupons as well. It’s the ultimate convenience for any restaurant.

Benefits of MustHaveMenus

  • A simple 5-step menu design process
  • A large stock of menu designs
  • Highlighting important dishes of the menu option as well

You can also have the MustHaveMenu in house design team create a menu for your restaurant. Simply tell them about your preferences and they’ll charge a premium fee for their services.

Poster My Wall

It’s an online design solution that has an in-built option to customize a menu for your restaurant.

Benefits of Poster My Wall

  • A multitude of menu templates to choose from
  • Simple DIY tools to use that require no prior experience at all

The price ranges from $4.99 to $9.99. You can get a menu for free with their watermark as well.



Canva is the go-to-shop for all design related needs of restaurants. You can create menus and even social media posts using it. A few photos are taken through the app and you’ll get a professional menu at your disposal.

Benefits of Canva

  • Free of any charges
  • Over 1500 customizable menu with over 130 different fonts
  • 5 Basic Steps for a complete menu
  • Over 1 million stock photos included.

Canva is a free solution with the option to use premium photos at the price of $1 only.