Benefits of Limited-Time Offers For Restaurants

Every restaurant, including thriving and new ones, should offer limited-time offers to attract more people to it. These offers are a welcome change that will not just encourage regular customers to return but they will also help generate fresh business. Here is a look at why a restaurant should offer limited-time offers.

Offer limited quantities of popular dishes

Fourth, you should use an effective strategy such as offering a very limited quantity of a popular dish. This again creates a sense of urgency in the minds of customers and compels them to buy those dishes or products. This kind of offer has the desired effect except instead of telling the client the offer is for a limited time, you are telling them that the product is available in limited quantities.

Try new products

Instead of spending a lot of money in creating a new menu, you should think about offering your customers limited-time offers to test and try new products. In this simple but effective way, you can test the waters to see what dishes are getting a good response from your customers. Depending on sales, you can then either include a new dish or eliminate it from your menu.

Give loyal customers something they will appreciate

After some time, restaurants tend to build up a group of customers that are loyal to it. Offering them limited-time offers can not just reward these loyal customers but also help a restaurant attract new people. The more regularly you add a promotion and the more you give your clients a discount, the easier it becomes to satisfy your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Instill a sense of urgency in your customer’s minds

Second, you need to make your customers feel that unless they act now on your limited-time offer, they will miss out on a golden opportunity. So, instill a sense of urgency in their minds by saying a dish or product will only be available for a limited period.

Offer customers something exclusive

Third, you need to offer your customers something they won’t normally get at your restaurant. Offering them something exclusive is a good way of ensuring the success of your limited-time offer.

Attract new customers

Limited-time offers that are used properly can attract more customers to a restaurant. Without such offers, your clients would not be aware of your restaurant and hence will not visit it. By tempting them with offers such as a discount on certain dishes, you will succeed in encouraging more people to try out your restaurant.

Fifth, you need to ensure your limited-time offers are priced in a manner that will incentivize your customer to purchase what is on offer. A buy-one-get one offer is a good example of a well-priced limited time offer. Another option available to you is to offer a seasonal discount.

How to run limited-time offers?

To run a successful limited-time offer, it is necessary to study seasonal trends as this can help you take advantage of items that are popular at certain times of the year. Starbucks has shown you how to use seasonal trends to good effect. They offer a latte drink that is only available in the fall season and by doing so, they have succeeded in selling more than 200 million cups of that latte.

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