How Can a Digital Floor Plan Optimize Your Operations?

Many restaurant management software are committed to designing a digital floor plan for your restaurant as it can optimize your operations significantly. If you manage your restaurant’s floor plan properly, you will be able to utilize the space to the fullest of its capacity and the layout to the best of its ability. This can be life-changing for a restaurant owner. Check out how a digital floor plan of your restaurant can streamline and optimize your restaurant’s operations.

Streamlining the Front & Back Operations of your restaurant

One of the primary and significant ways of having a digital floor plan for your restaurant that can optimize all your operations is by streamlining the front and the back of your house operations. This allows you to operate your restaurant in a faster and much efficient way, by ensuring all the parts of your restaurant are working together in harmony, so your guests can have a successful and enjoyable dining experience.

Having digital table maps also allow you to view the tables, set them up properly, and assign them to waiters, and even arrange seats in a way that will fully utilize your space and your servers.

You can take your table set-up one step further by having a seating arrangement at each table digitized. This can help you track covers more quickly, assign the items ordered to specific seats, etc. This ensures that the guests receive a proper meal. It also minimizes confusion and allows for easy check splitting in case of friends etc. when more than one person is paying.

Utilize a digital floor plan for your restaurant with the table and seating arrangements to maximize and control the coursing

An experienced server knows how to utilize a digital floor plan with table and seating arrangements to maximize and to control coursing. They can serve out items between courses and are also able to time their send-off to the kitchen. This is very helpful in coursing out meals with accuracy and perfect timing. The servers are this way able to fire or hold items from the digital floor plan thereby controlling the pace of their diner’s meals and experience all the while maintaining a proper communication channel between themselves and the kitchen staff. A digital floor plan can genuinely make you’re serving the guests experience more comfortable and error-proof if appropriately utilized.

Streamlining Employee Management

A digital floor plan can also be beneficial in streamlining and also strengthening employee management. Managers can give different permissions or authorization to different employees. For instance, if you only want the shift lead or the manager to be able to void or comp ticket items then what you can do is give each employee their password to log in and log out of the system. This will allow you to see who and when someone is accessing your system. Many digital floor plan programs allow the employees clock-in and clock-out right on their digital floor plan. This again allows the managers to view the hours logged. They can also edit the hours as per the needs and even transfer them to a payroll program. With a digital floor plan, you can also transfer or assign checks between your staff which results in accurate sales reporting.

Management Analytics of your restaurant

A digital floor plan can also be used by and for your restaurant managers and restaurateurs. They can cover reports any time, and it becomes easier for the manager or the owner to see how many guests and covers were served by shifts, hours, or servers. 

Shift reports can this way be run with the click of a button or with comps. Void reports can easily show how many comps or voids have been given per employee, day, time slot shift, etc. Sales reports have also proved to be a handy tool, and they too can be run with just the click of a button once a digital platform is established.

All these sales reports show how much revenue is generated per hour, shift, or employee. Information like this gives the managers and the owners, tools to schedule their strongest selling servers during the peak dining times. It also allows them to know how to arrange best and organize their tables and sections per every shift, and how to keep them on the top of sales and comps at all possible times.

Managing the Guests in a more optimized way

In order for any restaurant to be successful in achieving its diners, the experience is just as necessary as managing your employees. A digital floor plan allows the restaurant to create a customer profile for its diners. They are even able to assign VIP statuses to certain tables and are also able to give tools for noting which of the customers frequently visit. Rewarding loyal customers can go a long way and also ensures more profited business. Identifying these people for your servers and the other wait staff is definitely the best way to ensure that it does not get missed.

This plan also allows you to manage your waitlists, server schedules, and assignment, reservations, and seating. It also enables you to learn more about the guests that arrive and identify your loyal customers. If utilized properly, a digital plan can truly optimize your operations and thereby result in a better dining experience for your customers and a better return in profits for your restaurateur.